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Smell the Sounds of Room 1015

Stop, rewind. A shiny black stretch limo with tinted windows and gleaming hubcaps pulls up to 8104 Sunset Boulevard. Sepia Polaroid, freeze frame. Time to wind back an old cassette with a pencil to a time when the Continental Hyatt Hotel, aka the “Riot House,” was the place to be.

The 70s was a decade of total delirium for any self-respecting rock group. And L.A. was an inevitable stop on the journey. Between concerts, there were three commandments in the Bible of Rock that all managers had to obey: a crowd of totally hysteric fans in the hotel lobby or, more often, in the darkness of an unmade bed, the tour rider to be followed religiously (24 pages about how to present the yogurt for Metallica) and the art of trashing a hotel room. A place of debauchery and nihilism.

Today, Room 1015 remains a place of contemplation. The nostalgia of an era of absolute freedom, where the air still holds the lingering smells of sweat, leather, fur, alcohol, a burned patchouli leaf and an open flight case…

The creative charge of the brand's latest fragrance, Ten Fifteen, shoots out like a gun. A trashed hotel room, an outlet for opiated passion, inspired a do-good mandarin crashed by animal sandalwood. Citrus explodes under the blows of burnt wood. Saffron sweat falls in droplets onto a bed of violets. Iris powder, a mist sniffed on the skin, floats away from crumpled sheets scented of sin. Papyrus cracks in supple, wilted shreds on the walls, which fracture and fall.

Hollyrose is a floral scent inspired by 1970's Los Angeles groupies. Anita Pallenberg, Bebe Buell, Pamela Des Barres were the queens of the Hollywood scene, the muses who sent the most powerful rock gods to their knees. The perfume features notes of rose, black pepper, blackcurrant, orchid, patchouli and Tuscan leather.

YESTERDAY is the new fragrance by ROOM 1015. A fresh and aromatic perfume inspired by a picture of The Beatles shaving and having fun in a hotel bathroom. The perfumers chose to work on a modern version of a Fern accord (lavender, geranium, coumarine). Making new material, using an old and classic scent, to make a modern perfume, just like musicians create new music getting inspired by yesterday.

The guitar case opens with a shudder to reveal its composed clutter: the electric shock of lacquered wood and the metallic slap of tight strings. Ambroxan for the punch of wood and an overdose of cedar for a noble touch. The sweat of overheated, mistreated oak wood for a sensual thrash. Late-night ash, a cloud of air, an injection of the past right into the veins. Iris and nutmeg for their dust-powder aspect.

Visit https://room1015.com/en/ to experience the sounds of Room 1015's fragrances.

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