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Berdoues Grand Crus

Not every wine is a Grand Crus. The same is true for niche fragrances.

The House of Berdoues has been applying the hallowed practices of French high perfumery for over 100 years. Their fragrances are the result of an uncompromising stance on quality that has made Berdoues a pioneer in luxury colognes.

Today’s Berdoues perfumers use their inherited know-how to explore new frontiers while remaining true to Berdoues’ values.

A quest for the finest raw materials that Earth has to offer combined with the unique skills of Berdoues perfumers has given birth to the exceptional Grand Crus Collection.




Toulouse, France



Berdoues Grands Crus Collection Presentation

Berdoues Grands Crus Collection Presentation

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