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Jean-François Lazartigue, a visionary ‘60s hairdresser, is one of the first to recognize the notable virtues of botanical ingredients on the hair health and to offer personalized haircare. Today, Lazartigue continue to embody his passion and values through theirs products. Their promise remains the same: expert and green hair care for naturally beautiful hair.

Taking care of your hair is knowing what to use on it or not. For this reason, Lazartigue has decided to offer you effective hair care products, formulated with ingredients of natural origin. Each of theirs formulas is enriched with at least 89% naturally derived ingredients. With this natural approach, the brand also make sure to exclude any ingredient that may present a risk to your health or the environment. They removed controversial ingredients from theirs formulas to only keep the essential, to provide both effectiveness and pleasure. They only use vegetable oils, theirs shampoos are sulfate-free, and its haircare are silicone-free. 



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