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Amerikas welcomes The Different Company revamped fragrance collections!

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Amerikas is thrilled and excited to announce its US distribution partnership with The Different Company reference in Haute Parfumerie with its line up of exceptional and uncompromising fragrances. The Different Company brings a contemporary, elegant and different vision of perfumery. Each of the fragrances is unique thanks to exceptional ingredients selection and and innovative accords. The Different Company is now presented in a revisited new packaging and bottles, still refillable and with luxurious details that represent the brand DNA: contemporary, luxury and eco-consciousness.

The Different Company is composed of 3 collections of exceptional fragrances:

  • Juste Chic: The reference of the house reinventing the origins of Haute Parfumerie with a contemporary vision.

  • L’Esprit Cologne: The spirit of a cologne, the concentration of an Eau de Toilette and the creation of a parfum.

  • Collection Excessive: Rare and precious ingredients concentrated in powerful and complex fragrances.

Amerikas is strengthening its strategic development into the niche fragrances category with the addition of a highly respected brand placing attention to details and craftsmanship at the center of its creations and is looking forward to take The Different Company to a whole new level in the market.

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