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Amerikas introducing its niche brands at Cosmoprof Discover Scent!

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Discover the best of the French perfumery packed into a 3 days event!

Berdoues Grands Crus: “Not every wine is a Grand Cru. The same is true of perfumes”. The quest for the finest raw materials that the earth has to offer, using unique skills of Berdoues perfumers, has given birth to the expceptional “Colognes Grands Crus” Collection. The house of Parfums Berdoues was founded in 1902 in Toulouse, France. The tradition of the house has stretched over 4 generations of the family.

Jovoy: Restored with new life, the historic fragrance house, Jovoy launched its new collection of 9 modern fragrances in 2011. Unique & opulent, oozing character and personality, the fragrances are authentic and rare gems, appreciated by true perfumistas. Taking inspiration from key memories in his life, the creator succeeds in taking us to far off places, both geographically and emotionally before arriving at our destination. A unique olfactive sensation.

La Manufacture des Chateaux: Like a collection of private memories, the scented candles bearing the La Manufacture des Châteaux label have stories to tell. Just listen! Let them resonate through our consciousness.

If you wish to receive more information about Berdoues, La Manufactures des Chateaux or Jovoy in the U.S., please contact Amerikas at:

Cosmoprof Las Vegas Amerikas Scent #9

July 10th to 12th

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