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Bois 1920

Bois 1920 is a brand that expresses the passion of the Galardi family for the perfume art that has been handed down for decades. Passion that animates and accurately enriches and enhances the line, today of 32 fragrances. The research of raw materials also fuses tradition and innovation together, for a harmony of unique and captivating olfactory compositions.

In the twenties, in Florence, Guido Galardi, the progenitor, began experimenting the first formulas in his small craft workshop, collecting spigo (lavender) that matures in the fields of the hills around the city. His research takes on different expressive agreements: essential oils, odorous solutions, perfumed bags. These features inspire and shape the Bottega Italiana Spigo 1920 (BOIS 1920) brand, which over time acquires a strong presence in Italy and around the world along with industry awards. In 2012 Bois 1920 was selected among the five best olfactory expressions at the perfumery Oscars, the New York FiFi Awards.

Today Bois 1920 represents the added value of the niche perfumery sector, placing itself as a forerunner towards new olfactory notes, to be explored and "worn" then, to involve, inspire and harmonize our senses.




Florence, Italy



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