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Leading multi-channels distributor of international beauty brands in the US:

Beauty Retailers

As a renowned facilitator in the beauty industry, we specialize in catapulting brands into the retail limelight. Our partnership with elite retailers ensures your beauty brand gains prestigious shelf space and targeted exposure. Leveraging our market strategies and robust distribution network, we promise not only to place your products in the hands of eager consumers but also to elevate your brand's status in the competitive retail market.

Amazon Beauty

Our approach is unique, our results on the platform tremendous, with over 1 million units moved yearly, our expertise in Amazon sales strategies stands unparalleled. We understand the intricacies of Amazon's algorithms and consumer behaviors, enabling us to position your beauty brand at the forefront of this vast platform. By leveraging optimized product listings, insightful analytics, and targeted marketing campaigns, we ensure your brand not only thrives but dominates in Amazon's competitive landscape.

In the realm of e-commerce, our Shopify expertise offers a seamless blend of technology and marketing acumen. We tailor Shopify platforms to reflect your brand's unique identity, ensuring a captivating and user-friendly shopping experience. With our advanced analytics, SEO strategies, and personalized marketing campaigns, we drive traffic, convert visitors into loyal customers, and elevate your brand to new heights in the digital marketplace.

Tik Tok Shop

Starting as a Beta partner and now tapping into the dynamic world of Tik Tok Shops, we offer unparalleled proficiency in harnessing the power of social commerce. Our strategies are designed to amplify your brand's presence, engaging with a vibrant, trend-setting audience. By crafting viral content, leveraging beauty influencer partnerships and managing performant ads, we ensure your beauty products become the talk of Tik Tok, translating into tangible sales and an ever-growing fan base.


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