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Berdoues Grands Crus Oud Distribution USA

Berdoues new Grands Crus Millesime Oud collection available in the U.S.!

by Amerikas

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Amerikas is launching the latest collection of Berdoues fragrances.

In the heart of the Grands Crus collection, Berdoues has created Grands Crus Millesime Oud. Three new scents, three new ways to sublimate the Oud through symbolic ingredients: Rose of Turkey, Vanilla of Tahiti and Musk. Berdoues takes the same care elaborating and producing those fragrances as winemakers do with their finest wines. The quality and the concentration of the selected essences ensure that they stay a long time on the skin.

OUD WA WARD which reunites opposed ingredients: Oud and Rose. This blend reveals a sensual and precious harmony.

OUD WA MISK blend made with the finest ingredients: Patchouli, Encens and Agarwood. A mysterious, deep and distinguished fragrance.

OUD WA VANILLA or when the oud meets the warmth of Vanilla, creating this unique scent. A captivating blend with wooden and amber accent.

“Not every wine is a Grand Cru, The same is true for perfumes”

About Berdoues

The House of Berdoues has been developing perfumed creations for more than a hundred years, applying French high perfumery’s hallowed practices. The fragrances are the result of unique know-how and an uncompromising stance that has made Berdoues a pioneer in the area of colognes. Berdoues perfumers, who have inherited a precious tradition, have explored new areas yet remained true to what is Berdoues.

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