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Amerikas, is a results oriented beauty company, which prides itself in establishing long term business and solid brands developments in the Americas.

Deep knowledge of all channels, distributions options enable to quickly find the best distribution channels for your lines. We are working as well on alternative distribution models when no option is available by going straight to retailers. Complementarity between all channels enables us to maximize the potential of your brand within the region.


Amerikas is led by Jose Penalba is a seasoned professional specialized in reorganizations & business development in the beauty industry, having spent the last 15 years developing brands within the continent.

His experiences include management of the European distributors for Kenzo Parfums, restructuration of LVMH Mexico office for Kenzo Parfums & Loewe, participation in the opening of the Kenzo Parfums Regional Miami office for Latin America. During those years, Jose participated in the worldwide implementation and development of best seller FlowerbyKenzo.

He then moved to more entrepreneurial environments, opening the Latin America markets for Selective Beauty and undertaking the restructuration & redeployment for Morris Profumi in the Americas working on multiple fashion & lifestyle brands eventually leading Ferrari Black as the #1 imported fragrance in Brazil in 2012.

Since 2013, Jose has been intricate partner into Canvas & Concrete, the first ever primer for fragrances.