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Introducing Jeroboam fragrances collection to the U.S. market

by Amerikas

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Francois Henin and Vanina Murraciole have designed together a fragrances collection having in common one ingredient: musk. Musk is one of the most used scent in modern perfumery. Therefore, it was only natural to name Jeroboam fragrances in
Esperanto the international language. The small bottle makes an ideal everyday accessory for the urban nomads we’ve all become. The perfumes themselves are a Lingvo Internacia (international language) in the art
of seduction. They remind us that, sometimes, fragrance is infinitely more efficient than words.


Five perfumes in the collection all having in common this enigmatic musky base: Origino, Insulo, Hauto, Oriento and Miskado.

ORIGINO is the enigmatic musk, first of the Jeroboam fragrances line.

INSULO is a delicious oriental musk with Vanilla at the heart of the fragrance: “The absolute weapon of seductive souls.”

HAUTO is a floral solar musk inspired from French cancan.  A blend of tuberose, spices and enigmatic musks: Hauto is an invitation to experience the “skin” fragrance.

ORIENTO is the oriental floral musk; Jeroboam revisited the classic “rose oud” cocktail.

MIKSADO is an oriental amber musk, a purely addictive perfume, in which fruity and spicy notes fuse with an indelible assemblage of precious woods and musks.


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